Know How to Reset The Whirlpool Duet Dryer at Home

Know how to reset whirlpool duet dryer at home easily and be happy.

You just got back from your vacation and still have some days left before going to work again. So you have decided to wash and dry up your clothes and get them prepared.

You figured out that now is an excellent time to put your whirlpool duet dryer to use to dry up the loads. But the dryer is not functioning as error codes have started to appear on the screen.

Worry not, as we are here to guide you on how to reset whirlpool duet dryer and get it back on working again. Keep on reading, and you will be well informed.

How to Fix the Dryer Not Running?

The most common problem that you are likely to face for requiring to reset whirlpool duet dryer in the first place is your drying not functioning at all. It can be pretty frustrating because you need your machine up and running to get those dirty laundry cleaned.

Most of the time, the malfunction can occur due to power issues. Although there are chances of the machine malfunctioning and resetting, the machine will get it up and running.

The process to reset the machine to get it up and running is quite simple. All yo u need to do is adopt the following guidelines.

Step 1: Check Connected Peripherals to Avoid Unwanted Hassles

The very first step requires you to check whether the power supply to your whirlpool duet dryer is intact and functioning. Without power, it is self-explanatory why the machine is not running in the first place.

Check and verify whether the fuses and breakers of your house are intact or not. If you find the fuses blow, replacing them is the most logical thing you can do. In case of tripped breakers, reset them ASAP to ensure the power supply is functional for your whirlpool duet dryer.

Step 2: Make Sure The Door Locked Firmly

Power supply alone won’t seal the deal if you don’t maintain the necessary precautions needed to be met for the dryer to function. It can be as simple as closing the door of the drier firmly and locking it in place.

That’s right, if the door of your dryer is loose or unlocked, the machine won’t operate.

So go ahead and lock it in place. Make sure the door is locked firmly with all the load inside. Once the door is locked in place, you are now ready for the final step to get the machine up and running.

Step 3:Resetting The Dryer

Now run a final check to see whether everything is in place and whether they are the way it should be or not. Now press and hold the start button of your dryer as long as five seconds.

You might need to hold the button for more than five seconds if the load on the machine is large in quantity.

Fixing Error Codes By Resetting Your Whirlpool Dryer

Your whirlpool duet dryer might not work due to various reasons. When the dryer malfunctions and requires a reset whirlpool duet dryer, error codes made of alphabet or number and sometimes both combined are shown on the screen.

These codes represent certain issues that are needed to be dealt with in case of getting the machine to function again. Let us guide you through what these codes mean and how to deal with them.

Error Code PF

Dryer Error Code PF

As the whirlpool dryer runs on electricity, it is likely to suffer power-related problems due to power outage or power surge from time to time.

Whenever that happens and your dryer malfunction, you will see this code PF appearing on the display of your dryer.

The error code indicates a power failure that has occurred recently. To fix this issue, you need to reset and restart your whirlpool duet dryer. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds to restart it.

In case it doesn’t start automatically, you need to select a new cycle and hit start, and the machine will restart.

Error Code AF

Error Code AF

Your dryer needs enough airflow to maintain its functionality. If it doesn’t receive enough airflow, the machine will still function, but it will reduce the machine’s durability in the long run.

You are likely to receive this error code due to airflow issues. To deal with this error code, press any key on the dial pad to eliminate the error code on the screen.

Once the dry cycle is over, you might want to clear the lint screen, the hood of the exterior vent, and, lastly, the hoses of the vent to get rid of excess lint.

Now select a brand new dry cycle from the dial pad and press the start button, which will restart the dryer.

Error Code L2

Whirlpool Error Code L2

Now, the power supply is a great issue behind the malfunctioning of your whirlpool duet dryer. And Error Code L2 warns you that your dryer has faced power supply difficulty.

However, the fix is quite simple and will require minimum effort to get your dryer back in action.

The first thing you need to do is press any button on the dial pad and get rid of the error message. If you feel any heat on the dryer, get rid of the error and select a brand new cycle. Resetting won’t be necessary.

If you don’t feel any heat, replacing the fuse and resetting the breaker is an excellent place to start dealing with the problem. Lastly, reattach power from the dryer and attach it back on to successfully reset the dryer.

If any error code starts with E, we recommend that you call a technician to deal with the problem. This kind of error usually requires servicing, and your effort alone won’t be enough to get the machine to function again.

Error code A09

Error Code A09

This error code represents a problem with the water supply. The water that is not introduced into the washing machine or the water that enters the machine is insufficient to wash the expected amount of washing.

Problems like this are more likely to interrupt the normal washing process. Sometimes, due to the low water permeability in the machine, it may stop working permanently. To eliminate this problem, you need to follow a few steps as soon as it occurs.

You must first turn off the washing machine. Some checks are required, such as water taps, inlet screens, and pipes. They are generally blocked, and the water inlet is also blocked. The water inlet can also be frozen.

In this case, you need to connect the washing machine and reconnect the power. The driving cycle must stop, and a new bicycle must be restarted.

If the expected results are not found, contact the service.

Error code A10

Error Code A10

This error code is displayed on the screen when drainage is insufficient or if the drainage system is blocked. If the download quantity is not sufficient, the machine displays the error code.

This causes the entry of water and detergent, but not the exit. As the residual load increases, the machine stops working, and if this problem is not solved correctly, damage to the washing machine may occur.

To avoid the problem, first, unplug the power cord and empty the machine plug. It can crash, causing mainly all issues. They can also be frozen. So cleaning the drain hose can do the job.

After cleaning, keep the START button pressed to cancel the previous cycle and start a new one. If this does not help, contact the service for assistance.

 Error code sD or Sud

Error Code Sud

This error code indicates that there is more foam. There is a limit to the use of the cleaner for specific loads. If the machine has to face much foam beyond the washing load, the exact error code is displayed.

This is a common problem for those who do not know how much detergent to deliver for a certain amount of laundry. It’s something you needn’t worry about.

To avoid this problem, use only high-efficiency cleaners. The cleaners will apply parallel to the load. When you experience this problem, never add detergent again. This will eventually increase the pain.

Each time the button flashes, the desired program must be selected again with a cold wash temperature. Then start again by pressing the START button. The problem will solve.

Error code F05 or F22

Dryer Error Code F05 or F22

The error F05 or F22 in the rinse of the bubble bath occurs when the primary control tries to block the door but fails. After six attempts, the controller displays F22. There are a few steps you can take to resolve the problem with this error.

First, disconnect the washer and check the wiring from the door lock to the central controller (CCU). Make sure that all wiring harness connectors are correctly connected to the clamp unit and (CCU). Reconnect the device and try a new bike.

If not, this error code will be displayed even if the door lock is damaged. Inspect the door and contact support if necessary.

Error code dU

Error Code F/dU

This unique error code occurs when the central control detects a problem where the door lock unit cannot unlock correctly or if the control unit cannot determine whether the door lock system is locked or unlocked.

Avoiding or solving this problem is sometimes an easy pie. If the problem is severe, it may cost a little. Some procedures can there also to maintain.

First, unplug the tray for a few minutes and plug it back in. This will reset the hob and start a new bike.

After starting the new cycle, If it does not work, make sure that there is not a lot of washing load or something in the lid of the container that exerts pressure on the lid and prevents the release of the latch pulled back.

If none of the previous steps worked, the clamping unit is defective, or the instrument tray is damaged. You should contact the service instead of managing it yourself.

Error code F23

This error code is displayed in the event of an error in the heater. If the water temperature in the washing machine does not reach 86 or more degrees, the washing machine provides the error code F23.

This problem can sometimes solve quickly. A detailed list of jobs must establish to resolve the issue.

The first thing to do is to unplug the power cord. Then check the heating wiring and make sure it is not burnt, broken, or corroded. It is also necessary to check the continuity of heating. If there is no continuity, the element should replace.

Another process is to remove the wiring from the temperature sensor and measure the sensor resistance.

If the main forms do not work, check the water temperature probe for corrosion or breakage. When you’re sure, you should take the service and not run it alone.

Error code fod

This error code is displayed when an excessive foam or foam interrupts the program/cycle. This interruption continues until the foam is sufficiently reduced by hand.

This specific error is similar to what can be corrected immediately or without replacing the machine parts. There are no additional costs. It is easy to repair with manual feeding on the machine.

To do this, you need to run the Rinse and Spin program with the Intensive Rinse option. For future use, follow the detergent manufacturer’s dosage recommendations. Remember to use the dosage option. Make sure the drain pump filter is clean.

Error code F/H

Dryer Error Code FH

The manufacturer has assigned this error or error code to indicate a problem with the amount of water entering the machine. This error code is displayed when the machine tries to fill with water, but the flow meter does not detect flow for 30 seconds.

In this case, check the water supply to ensure you have good pressure for hot and cold water. Then it would help if you replaced the flow meter.

This code can also be displayed when the machine is full of water, the flow meter measures 10.5 liters of water in the machine, but the water level pressure switch does not deactivate the water inlet valves. In this case, the water inlet valve or the water level pressure switch may be defective.

Sometimes this problem can occur due to siphoning problems due to wiring connected to inlet valves, pressure switch, and drain pump. These special parts should also be verified when solving this problem.

Finally, if everything else is checked, the problem may affect the control unit circuit (CCU) or the wiring of one of these components.

Error code op

Whenever the thermistor does not open, this error code is displayed on the screen. This code is usually displayed at the end of the cycle and beeps for 1 minute or when a button is pressed.

The circle normally works in this moment of error. But the problem is that the water temperature doesn’t work. The water temperature remains at a constant temperature which cannot be increased or decreased further.

This problem occurs when the car is in hibernation, or a cycle path is pressed. Canceling this mode may solve the problem. A reboot can also help you solve the problem.

Error code bp

This error code is one of the temporary errors displayed on the washing screen. When the machine detects a failure in the pressure switch, this error code is displayed. The washing machine does not work during this error.

This problem is very easy to solve. All you have to do is unplugging it from power and restart it. The system automatically interacts with pressure and returns to normal.

Tips on Fixing Noisy Dryer

Your household is a place to relax and feel at home, literally. To make sure that you have a peaceful environment, you need to keep the noise at a minimum.

Having a dryer that produces noise can be irritating and will tamper with your peaceful environment.

To get rid of this, all you have to do is, check for any material inside the dryer that might be producing the noise in the first place. It can be coins, buttons, or similar types of smaller objects.

Also, you need to make sure that the dryer is set on the ground with each of its legs leveled. As the dryer creates vibration while drying, an unbalanced dryer will produce noise due to the shakiness.

And try to put the clothes inside the dryer in an organized manner so that it is less likely to bounce and produce less noise due to the vibration of the dryer.

Final Words on Reset Whirlpool Duet Dryer

Now that you know what the error code specifically means and how to reset whirlpool duet dryer almost effortlessly, you will be able to dry your fresh clothes in no time.

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