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You have just returned from a long and fantastic vacation, and all your clothes are dirty and need to be cleaned as you put the load inside your Samsung Washing Machine, beep! An error code pops up, and your machine is not functioning.

You sit there hopelessly, not knowing how to reset the Samsung washing machine program and get your machine back to running again. Don’t you worry, as we are here to enlighten you on fixing the error codes and reset your Samsung Washing Machine?

Resetting Samsung Washing Machine

As an electronic home appliance, the Samsung Washing Machine is a must-have for homemakers who intend to use it for business or wash clothes. Samsung Washing Machine will make your washing process, including rinsing, soaking, squeezing, and rubbing, a lot more efficient than you think.

However, as the device performs almost automatically, requiring less human effort for washing clothes, it is likely to undergo some errors while performing. If any error does occur in the case of Samsung washing machines, an error code having two digits will be displayed on the screen.

The two-digit code displayed on the screen represents different types of errors depending on the code/ The code can be of numbers, letters, or a combination of both. You need to have proper knowledge about these codes and what they represent before even trying to take the necessary precaution to solve them.

More than ten codes signify different kinds of errors, and it is entirely ok not to have an idea about what they represent. Just sit back and relax as we guide you through each code and represent and possible solutions to fixing these errors.

Error Code dc

Samsung Washing Machine Error Code dc

These error codes appear when your washer is not spinning, or something is blocking it from spinning and being functional. If you have an unbalanced load on the machine, it is likely not to spin. That’s right. The unbalanced load does affect how your Samsung washing machine performs.

Don’t sweat yet, as we have a possible solution for you. To reset this error, all you need to do is reposition the load you have placed inside the washing machine. What this will do is possibly reduce the weight as the load is now organized. Now press the dial that signifies Cycle Selector, and you are all set with your Samsung Washing Machine.

Error Code dL

Samsung Washing Machine Error Code dL

Now, this error code is quite similar to the first one as the occurring problem halts the functionality of the washing machine. What is happening here is the door is possibly unlocked while your washer was on action and running. That’s right. It would help if you had the door of the washing machine locked while getting the job done.

Relax. All you need to do to reset this error is turn off the washing machine as the first step. Press the power button and turn it off. After ensuring the device is off, turn it back on, and the device will be all set to wash the load.

Error Code dS

Samsung Washing Machine Error Code dS

Like the dL problem, error code dS occurs when the door washing machine’s door is opened as it is already being run. Why would anyone even do that, but don’t you worry, as it is not that big of a crime?

All you need to do is now close to the door ASAP. After closing the door, check again whether it is tightly closed and locked in place or not if you are confident that yes, it is indeed close, duh! Gently press the power button and restart the cycle.

Error Code FL


The error code FL represents Failed to Lock the door. Like the previous series of errors, this one needs to be reset to get the machine back to functioning. Sometimes it is entirely not your fault, and the washer is likely to fail to lock the door as well.

Like the previous solution, make sure that the door is tightly locked in place and, after ensuring, restart the machine by pressing the power button.

Error Code Hr

Samsung Washing Machine Error Code Hr

As cleaning water requires many temperature-related factors, such as hot water, the machine running on power, and the spinning mechanism, it is likely to undergo some temperature-related problems. This error code Hr occurs when the temperature of the washing machine gets out of control.

The solution to this problem is quite simple, and you can almost effortlessly reset this error code. The very first step includes checking whether the hoses are connected or not. The hot water hoses should connect to the hot water connection. 

Similarly, connect the cold water one to the cold water system. You also have to check whether the water heater of your room is functioning or not.

Error Code LE


Running a washing machine is no rocket science, but you do have to maintain some measurements. You have to make sure whether the water level has reached the ideal level so that the machine can be functioning. The machine indeed needs a specific level of water to be filled and get working.

To reset this error, all you need to do is check whether the valves that provide water supply are opened all the way or not. If it is, make sure that the supply is at a minimum level of 20psi.

Error Code LO


This error code is the exact opposite of the error code FL, where you couldn’t get the door to be locked. Here you will have a hard time unlocking the door, and thus the error code will show up on the screen.

Hang tight, as all you need to do to resolve this error is to make sure the door is closed in a firm manner. If it indeed is, press the power button and turn the washing machine off. Now turn it back on again, and you can save the helpless clean clothes of yours that were locked inside.

Error Code E3


Sometimes, your Samsung Washing Machine is likely to face even more significant problems. You will sit there wondering why the machine is not spinning after even doing the instruction. Only to find out the motor is not functioning and, as a result, not letting it spin in the first place.

Reset this error in the blink of an eye by restarting the cycle. Yes, press the dial that signifies Cycle Selector, and you are all set.

Error Code nD


Your washing machine is likely to get filled with water as it will fail to get drained. It can be troublesome, but the solution is relatively easy.

To reset this issue, all you need to do is make sure your drain hose is in place and not kinked.

Error Code nF


Lastly, opposite to the previous error, your washing machine will sometimes try to be filled all the way but fail due to some mistake.

Ensure that the faucets are open to the end and check if the hoses are kinked or not. Lastly, check the inlet screen of the fill hoses.

Final Words

Now that you have proper knowledge of how to reset the Samsung washing machine program, you will be good to go and make your washer functioning again in no time. 

The processes are almost effortless if you have a clear understanding of what you are doing.

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