How to Fix Lengthy Drying Time? – Troubleshooting Guide

The reason for getting a dryer in the first place is to save time and make your drying necessity more effortless. So it is understandable if you get frustrated with your dryer taking too much time to dry your clothes.

Fix Lengthy Drying Time

However, the problem can be dealt with quite easily, taking much less effort than you think. The steps below will help you to fix the lengthy drying time of your dryer on your own.

Common Reasons Why Drying Take a Long Time?

Common Reasons Why Drying Take a Long Time

Sometimes things are taking unusual time to dry or even it doesn’t dry clothes. It may cause several regions. Here, in this article, we are going to troubleshoot this problem. 

However, If you want to fix this problem, you need to identify why this is happening in the first place. Then you can take action to solve it. 

Here is a list of common causes why a dryer takes long times to dry cloths or even doesn’t dry it properly.

Ventilation Problem:

We know that proper airflow is essential to operate a dryer. So, when you are checking for ventilating issues, don’t rush. Take time and observe it properly. 

Here is a list of things that you need to check:

  • Check the dryer vent coming off the dryer.

If the vent is blocked, then extra heat and moisture develops inside the dryer drum. When the vent is not cooperating to get rid of the accumulated heat and moisture, then the dryer body will get hot, sweat, and most importantly, increase drying time.

  • The door is not closing properly

Inspect the dryer door. Also, make sure that it closes properly and doesn’t let air pass through.

Cleaning Issues

Cleaning things is always boring. If you are like me, then probably your dryers are messy like mine.

A dryer dries things by rotating. In some cases, an obstacle like lint can block the Blower Wheel.

Too Much Water

The third most likely reason why your dryer takes enormous time is too much water inside.

Wrong Circuit

It will take 3x more time if it uses a 120-volt circuit rather than a 240-volt circuit.

Gas Valve Solenoid

Suppose you are using a gas washer or dryer. This problem may arise. Typically, more than two gas valve solenoid coils. This gas valve authorizes gas to run toward the burner assembly. In some cases, the solenoid fails. It causes low heat, so drying takes a long time.

Heating Element Not Working Properly

One common issue is malfunctioning heating elements and their assembly. Sometimes, these elements burned out or damaged parts. To troubleshoot the problem, you should repair it.

Thermostat or Moisture Sensor Don’t Read the Accurately

The moisture sensor calculates and sends signals to the control board. If it doesn’t work ( It can be shut off the burner if the dryer overheats ) properly, then it can cause similar problems.

On the other hand, the Thermpstar, High limit, Cycling Thermostat help to control the temperature. So, the wrong reading can be sent to the control panel and which leads to increased time while dying.

Fixing Lengthy Drying Time

Fixing Lengthy Drying Time

Now, then you have found why drying is delayed. Here are the methods to troubleshoot your dryer to make it faster.

Follow these steps to fix this problem by yourself.

Method 1: Cleaning The Dryer

The screen of your dryer is likely to get blocked by lint from time to time. And guess what? A screen blocked by lint increases the drying time of your whirlpool duet dryer. You are giving rise to your frustration in the first place.

Cleaning The Dryer

This eventually proves to be damaging for your dryer as well as your clothes. So get rid of the lint on the screen after you are done drying each load of your clothes. Lint can be cogged. You can use a leaf blower to clean up the dryer vent.

Method 2: Apple Fabric Softener

Using too much fabric softener is harmful to your dryer as well. If you use more than one sheet of fabric softener per load, it is likely to block the grille of your dryer. 

This leads to your dryer taking too much time to dry the loads.

So make sure that you have a restriction on the amount of fabric softener sheets that you use per load. This simple effort will not only make your drying experience efficient but also will increase the durability of your dryer.

Method 3: Fixing Internal Faults

Not every malfunction occurs due to the internal faults of the dryer. Sometimes external factors such as room temperature also contribute to the malfunctioning as well. 

Your dryer requires a room temperature of 45° Fahrenheit or more to function.

So you need to make sure that the room temperature does not fall below that level.

Method 4: Use the Proper Heat Setting For Different Types of Fabric 

While drying clothes, you need to keep in mind that each fabric is different from the other in terms of type, and according to this, it takes a different time for the clothes to dry according to their fabric type.

To avoid this problem, individuals usually go for the “Air Only” mode of temperature, which again increases the drying time for your clothes. 

Instead, try to use appropriate settings of the temperature depending on the clothes that you are drying.

Method 5: Be Minimal

Lastly, drying a relatively large amount of load is bound to take more time for them to dry. Instead, you should take some of the clothes out of the dryer and try to dry a minimal amount of loads on each go. 

Doing so will not only make the process faster but also save up lots of time for you which you can use to dry up more clothes.

Final Verdict

I hope this article aid you in making your dryer faster. However, there are more regions that cause latency.  

So, my suggestion is to be patient while finding the cause or take a service. Moreover, you can ask me anything in the comment below. I will try to answer your query. 

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